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As I promised you in our first entry, I’m gonna explain to you the basis of webinars.


A webinar is the combination of two words, Web and seminar, this is to say, multiple people watching a live stream of a trainer discussing a specific topic.

So, these sessions aren’t recorded videos or downloadable material, but a live transmission where there is an interaction between you and the trainer. The attendance could vary from a couple, to tens of people. That means several students may join you in the learning journey. So, we are talking about a communication tool, by which you can learn and meet new professional people.

A webinar may last from 30 to 75 min, and it can be either offered for free, or by charging a fee. In any case, the real value of a webinar will depend of the uniqueness of the topic or the depth of it, and of course, the quality of the trainer.

Benefits for you

Webinars will offer you many benefits such as attending the event right from your living room, combined with in-person classes characteristics, like asking questions. This makes easy to receive distance lessons (which entails more comfort for you, as you don’t have to lose time commuting anywhere)

A good webinar adds new and very valuable information that you can use later to improve your life and business. You may use all the utilities a webinar offers to get the most of it:

  • See your trainer’s screen.
  • Follow a presentation or watch a video your trainer has prepared for you.
  • Interact with other attendees.
  • Interact with the trainer (asking questions, answering surveys…)
  • Hear and see your trainer (as they can share the streaming from their webcam)


Now that you are aware of how this tool can boost your learning, you are probably wondering where you can find those webinars, how to join them, and if you need additional software to do that.

1) Look for what you want to learn ➢ well, I’ll help you with that.

2) Where is the party? ➢ think about online seminars as a classroom-based ones. Once you’ve decided your topic, date and time, you need an address to go right? In this case it’s not a street, but an URL you’ll receive in your Inbox.

3) Yes super-easy, but really, how? ➢ Here’s the technical part. Every trainer decides the kind of software they’ll use to run their webinars. But basically, there are two options to attend them:

  • Right from your browser: you don’t need to install anything on your computer (except maybe, a plugin).
  • By installing an App on your computer/phone: some cases might require you download and install an App (completely free of charge) to attend the webinar.

I want to learn!

Although you can attend a webinar on any topic, I’m kind of geek octopus, tech and entrepreneur lover so that’s the content I’ll help you find!

You can check a brief of all the categories I love the most, but if you want to know more in detail, don’t forget to subscribe, as in the upcoming days webinar categories will be our main topic.

See you!

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