Guest-Blogger Program

Guest-Blogger Program

The Guest-Blogger Program was created to give you an opportunity of write on our blog. Although most companies will charge you for this, we don’t, this is totally for free.


Following these simple guidelines will help us to promote your post more effectively and get the most of it.

  • Be original: otherwise Brainy will be sad, Google will be angry, and that benefits no one.
  • Size matters: long articles perform better on the search engines. BUT more content ≠ more quality. A minimum of 500 is desirable but not required. If you can offer high quality content in just 400 words, it’s ok!
  • Care about our readers: this is, decide before you start writing what is the most important thing the reader should learn from the blog post.
  • KISS (“Keep it simple, stupid!”): use examples. Our audience is diverse, most of them are interested in entrepreneurship, but they might have varying levels of technological skills. If someone wants to go deeper he will go to your website for more information.


Write at Brainy’s Blog has a lot of benefits for you:

  • Generate leads: when you give away good quality content, you are showing yourself as a person who can help people get what they want and achieve their goals.
  • Increase social shares: we want to help our readers, and they want to help their friends. Make your content useful and it will become shareable.
  • Drive website visits: as you are our guest, we have to introduce you and your business to our community, so you will be able to generate more traffic to your site, as people would like to know more about you.
  • Drive offline business visits: same applies in this situation. If you run an offline business, people will be curious about you and your place.
  • Increase brand awareness and build loyalty: in the overcrowded Internet, put your knowledge and your brand in front of people eager to learn, is the best way to show your competences and prove you are worthy to follow.
  • Build in-House database: people will be more willing to join your newsletter or sign-up within your website if you show them you really are an expert that can help them solve their problems.

Does it sound good for you? Then request an invitation using the following form:

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