key-features-of-webinarsWhen one talks about eLearning, several means of acquiring knowledge could come to your mind: ebooks, (online) courses, (online) tutoring…But what are the main differences among them?

Current contents

As webinars are live events set to a specific date (usually in the near future), their contents are extremely updated. No one is going to prepare, announce and then run a webinar about old technologies or topics. 

This is to say: you probably can’t attend an ‘Excel 2010 best tips’webinar, while you are able to go to Amazon and buy an ‘Excel 2010 Tips & Tricks’book (is this a disadvantage?) 

To remain stuck in the past is not recommended at all. One of the keys to success is to get better every day, so get out of your comfort zone, and stop using old software and techniques because you feel comfortable with them; otherwise you’ll miss all the progress people are creating for you. Continue reading