Now that you know who I am, and that webinars are my favourite learning format, it’s time to discuss a bit more in detail what kind of content you can expect to find with Brainy

Depending on the niche market in which you want to position yourself as a professional, you will find some categories more interesting than others, but in general, most of them are somehow connected. 

For instance, it doesn’t matter if you are the world’s best designer/developer/whatever, if you don’t know how to deal with your customers, or market your web/yourself to hit the first positions on search engines.

So, here are the first six categories! Continue reading


Hi again!

As I promised you in our first entry, I’m gonna explain to you the basis of webinars.


A webinar is the combination of two words, Web and seminar, this is to say, multiple people watching a live stream of a trainer discussing a specific topic.

So, these sessions aren’t recorded videos or downloadable material, but a live transmission where there is an interaction between you and the trainer. The attendance could vary from a couple, to tens of people. That means several students may join you in the learning journey. So, we are talking about a communication tool, by which you can learn and meet new professional people.

A webinar may last from 30 to 75 min, and it can be either offered for free, or by charging a fee. In any case, the real value of a webinar will depend of the uniqueness of the topic or the depth of it, and of course, the quality of the trainer. Continue reading