Now that you know who I am, and that webinars are my favourite learning format, it’s time to discuss a bit more in detail what kind of content you can expect to find with Brainy

Depending on the niche market in which you want to position yourself as a professional, you will find some categories more interesting than others, but in general, most of them are somehow connected. 

For instance, it doesn’t matter if you are the world’s best designer/developer/whatever, if you don’t know how to deal with your customers, or market your web/yourself to hit the first positions on search engines.

So, here are the first six categories!

Coaching & productivity

Throughout your life you will encounter many challenges, problems and decisions you must face. 

Has anyone ever explained to you how to deal with your email? Probably not, very likely one day you created your account and started using it as you thought it was better. Everything looks great until one day you have to face with a big and uncontrolled inbox.

Leadership, managing your projects, developing personal habits, dealing with procrastination… A coach can help you out achieve your personal or professional goals quicker and easier than if you were working on your own.

Even your favourite football players have a coach that teaches them how to make the best of themselves! 

Customer relationship

A customer is the core of any business, the heart that keeps your company or service alive. If you have no clients, you are doomed.

If you don’t form a healthy and respectful relationship with your client, everything will probably fall apart.

Besides that personal interaction, you also have to know how to technically manage your clients with CRM software: salesforce, basecamp, zendesk… There are a lot of solutions in the market but, do you know how to use them correctly?


In person you only have seven seconds to make a first Impression, I’m afraid this time is even shorter when we are talking about a product or website, which is the connection between you and your customer.

Typographies, design of interfaces and user experience… You need knowledge in these topics, and a good command on the  many design software there is in the market: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…

As Steve Jobs said, “design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation”


Education is extremely important, thanks to the Internet you are able to spread your knowledge and reach more people than ever. You need to know how to set up a virtual learning environment where you can manage your content (learning resources), plan your lessons and assessments, personalize your teaching experience… Generating engagement with your learners is essential.

As you can see, e-Learning is a really really huge topic, but thankfully, technology is here to help us, webinars,  screencasts, virtual classrooms, even blogging. A whole educational world is waiting for your knowledge!


If you think eCommerce is just buying stuff on Amazon or eBay, you’re totally wrong. Whenever you’re trading a product or service via Internet, you are doing eCommerce. Selling is an art, and there are tons of information about payments, goods, marketplaces… and tools (shopify, prestashop, magento…) you need to know about before start selling anything.


As an entrepreneur you are responsible for solving your customers’ problems, to get that, you have to survive a massive and aggressive competition. The chances of failure are high, fortunately there are many people that have already failed for you, and now they are willing to tell you what they did wrong, shaped like methodologies such as Lean startup, customer development… And explain to you new business models, strategies and other useful tools and techniques.

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